Our Story

In 1966 Paolo Mosconi arrived in the United States from Piacenza, Italy. Like many Italian immigrants before him, he came to New York seeking a better life for himself and his family.

Nonno Paolo MosconiBack home, in Cogno San Bassano, he was known as a man of all trades. From working the land to acting as an arbitrator for disputes among his fellow citizens; there was no job too laborious. These humble beginnings allowed him the strength and courage needed to “make it” (as the song says) in New York.

In 1976, ten years after he set foot in this awe-inspiring country, he decided to invest in a future that would keep his family connected; and so, in August Villa Mosconi Restaurant was born.

Nonno Paolo and his seven children (Giovanni, Margherita, Antonietta, Angela, Pietro, Rosetta and MariaTeresa) took on the task of running a family business.

And family is how Villa Mosconi has been treating their patrons for over 38 years. With the same warm hospitality and genuine homemade food you would find upon entering any traditional Italian household; where relatives make sure you are eating right and are interested in knowing what’s new in your life.

So it is with arms wide open that we welcome you to “come on in” – browse our website, read our blog and enjoy your stay. Here we will try to give you a taste of our origins and the cultures and traditions that have led us to where we are today and keep you updated with our latest news.

So read, read, read and then stop in at 69 MacDougal Street to chat and mangia, mangia, mangia!

See you soon!